International Forum on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Tunisia

September 18, 2018

Projects by theme

Topics Projects
Theme 1 : Transport & Logistics Port of ENFIDHA
Commercial and logistical area in BEN GUERDENE
Creation of a bulk terminal at the port of BIZERTE
Creation of a RO-PAX terminal at the south bank of BIZERTE
Metro Sfax
BIR MCHERGA Logistic area 
Rehabilitation and maintenance of TUNIS light rail trains
Kasserine - Sousse railway line
Integrated redevelopment of Sousse railway station
HSL (Ras Jedir - Gabès-Tunis) and (Tunis Tabarka)
Logistic Zone of Gargour
Thématique 2 : Energie, Eau et Environnement Wastewater treatment plant in TUNIS North
Seawater desalination plant in GABES
Wastewater treatment plant in GABES
Transport and waste recovery project in TUNIS and Djerba
Waste recovery projects in BIZERTE, GABES and SOUSSE
Seawater desalination plant in KSOUR ESSEF-MAHDIA
Combined Cycle Gas Turbine with a capacity of 480MW in SKHIRA
Relocation of Gabes Chemical Plant
Renewable Energy Programme : Autorisation and Concessions regimes
Theme 3 : Infrastructures & Urban Development Widening of the GP13 road connecting SFAX to KASSERINE
SFAX sports complex
Renovation and extension of the SIDI BOUSAID Marina
Taparura Project (SFAX)
Djerba Bridge linking Djerba to Zarzis
Development project of Sebkha Ben Ghayadha (MAHDIA)
Gouvernemontal City (Tunis)
Zone of Economical activities of Zarzis
Development project of Sebkha Sijoumi
Development of the thermal site of El Khebayat
Theme 4 : Scientific and Technological Poles Startup City
University Campus (including German, French, US and Candian Universities)
Manouba Technopolis